Second of Many

Gus, Gus, Gus. Don’t be an unfinished overpass. They all know that I am the Brain. You’re Pinky. And together we will take over the world!


You know, because Pinky’s the assistant mouse-guy-thingy.

See —->

Yes, he’s bald.

No, that doesn’t mean he’s you!

I resemble that remark!

*clears throat*

Sorry about that. Where was I?

Oh, yes. Well, today marks a historic occasion. This is the second post I’ve made to this outstanding blog.

I have decided that I will write here regularly.

Well, as regularly as I can.

Unless there’s a Family Ties marathon on.

Or it’s discount day at Taco John’s.

Or Jules wants to ‘sleep in’. ;D

Oooh! Doritos.

*munches happily*

As I was saying, I plan on…

Aw, man. Now my keyboard’s all orange-y.

I’d lick it, but I don’t know where it’s been.


There we go! Clean now! (Please don’t tell Gus I used his Air Wolf windbreaker.)

For all of you snowbirds out there, you’ll be pleased to hear it is a balmy 63 degrees here in Santa Barbara. It’s supposed to rain a little later on, at least according to the hot weather girl on channel nine.

It’s okay to say she’s hot, right?

That’s not cheating on Jules…

Right?! Tell me!

I said nothing. I see nothing. I know nothing!

Just call me Shultz.

On second thought, don’t. That’s just wrong.

I hope I never look like this: 

If I do, Gus, you have my permission to strap a bomb to the elliptical machine.

Yes, again. But a real one this time.

Just a little one.

No. And I don’t want to know how you know that.

You scare me.

I have to go now. Gus is looking up bomb-making methods.

I’ll be back.

I hope.


Shawn    X_X


About Ashley

Hi! My name's Ashley. I'm a writer with a quirky sense of humor.
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6 Responses to Second of Many

  1. Your right Shawn. You know nothing *laughing*

  2. Shawn. It’s PINKY and The Brain, so I’m the leader 🙂

  3. Gus! You know NOTHING! You’re dead to me.

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